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Full Flying Membership (Annual)

£292.00 *

Provisional Membership (note 1,6; Annual)

£342.00 *

Family Membership

(partner of a Full Member; Annual)

£162.00 *

Country Membership (note 3; Annual)

£162.00 *

Student Membership (notes 1,2; Annual) £162.00 *
Junior (under 16; note 1; Annual) £130.00
Concessionary Membership (note 4; Annual) £520.00
Fixed Price to Solo £975 .00
Associate Membership (non flying; Annual) £20.00
Reciprocal Day Membership (note 5) £5.00


* Includes BGA capitation fee of £32 for flying members over 21.


(1) Provisional, Junior or Student members joining within a month of a Trial Lesson, (inc Extra or Group), will get five free launches.

(2) Student Membership applies to those under 25 in full time education.

(3) Country Membership is for members living more than 100 miles away.

(4) Concessionary Membership is Full or Provisional Membership for those on low or modest incomes The £520 includes 52 flights per membership year. Details available by contacting the Treasurer or Secretary to the committee.

(5) Daily Membership is for members of other BGA or foreign clubs and is waived for clubs with a reciprocal arrangement

(6) New members join Oxford Gliding Club as provisional members for the firdt 12 months which includes a first year administration of £50.



Trial Lessons Cost

Single Trial Lesson - (including daily membership)

Subsequent trial flights on the same day £35
Trial lesson Extra (two flights) £80
Group Lesson (four flights) £140



Glider Hire - Off site hire of club aircraft Single Seater Two Seater

Any day the glider could be used at Weston (Sat / Sun/ Public Hols etc)

£30 £45
Any other day (week days) £15 £15

Extended Hire Rate

(maximum 10 consecutive days)

£150 £200

Hire rates are charged whether or not the glider is flown during the hire period.


LaunchesRate ARate B
All gliders £8.50 £4.25



Soaring fees


Rate ARate B
DG505, K13, T21£0.35£0.25
K8, Astir£0.30£0.15


All soaring fees are per minute.


Rate A is for Full, Provisional, Country and Family members. Rate B is for Student and Junior members.


Launch failures are charged at £4.25 (£2.13 for Students and Juniors). Not applicable to Daily Members.


Soaring fees in club gliders are FREE after two hours.



Non-Flying Activities

Trailer / Caravan Ground Rent, with the approval of the committee and kept in accordance with club policy. (Annual) £160
Electrical Hook-up (Annual) £50
Electrical Hook-up (Daily) £5

Workshop / Briefing Room Hire (for non- club activity; per day; up to two days)

Workshop / Briefing Room Hire (for non- club activity; per day; additional days) £25



Last updated 13 December 2018