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Other Gliders

There are also 20 privately owned gliders in the club, most of which are syndicated. Syndicates typically consist of two or three members who share the operating costs.

Slingsby T21


The Slingsby T21 is a vintage open cockpit side-by-side two seat glider, which is great fun to fly especially on warm summer days.



DG505 Orion

The DG505 is a high performance two seat glider which is used for cross-country training. Interchangeable wingtips allow this glider to be operated in three different modes.

Grob Astir

The two Grob Astirs are of GRP construction and can fly further from the same height than the K8s. These are popular for cross-country tasks.


The club has two K13 two seat gliders, which are used for training pilots to solo standard. These are of a tubular steel frame and wood construction


Once solo, pilots can convert to the K8, which has simiilar handling to the K13. These are of similar constuction to the K13 s and two are available for solo members.


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